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€ 14.22 € 15.80 -10%

Warm where it matters. 80% of your body heat escapes through your head. So get protected in this soft and comfortable Snickers  beanie.

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€ 20.25 € 22.50 -10%

Work a lot on your knees? Save them with reliable certified knee protection. Efficient and comfortable kneepads ready for the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1).

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€ 89.10 € 99.00 -10%

For everyday on-the-job warmth, wear this rip-stop winter jacket in ergonomic and contemporary design. Water repellent outside, cosy lined inside. Comfortable, reliable and affordable.

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€ 93.60 € 104.00 -10%

Snickers work trousers made in extremely comfortable yet durable Canvas+ fabric. Features an advanced cut with Twisted Leg™ design, Cordura® reinforcements for extra durability and a range of pockets, including holster pockets and phone compapartmentPlease call 018404434 for Sizes and availability

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€ 12.50

Trendi Artistic Modern Glossy Screwless 20 Amp Heavy Duty Switch & Neon Insert White

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€ 901.59

Premium Charger Features;With all the features of the standard charger,it has DC leakage monitoring built into the product, negating the need for a Type B RCD. Wi-Fi module option allows the user to monitor the Wall Charger from their computer or smart phone.All GLB chargers are prepared for Dynamic Load Balancing

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€ 645.75

Electric Vehicle Standard Wall Mounted Car Charger suitable for work or home. 3.7 to 22kw .-Socket type 2.This charger can also accept inputs to start or stop charging, to avail of discounted electricity prices or to provide remote isolation.  Elegible for €600 EV Home charger grant https://www.seai.ieAll GLB chargers are prepared for Dynamic Load...

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€ 69.34

A fast and easy solution to voltage, continuity and resistance measurements. All 3 models offer a patented three-phase rotation detection system providing quick phase rotation indication. They have a special electrical torch function for working in low light level environments and have an ingress protection rating of IP65. The T100 Series are compliant...

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€ 153.38

The new Fluke two-pole testers are now more rugged and easier to use than ever before. Fluke’s new two-pole voltage and continuity testers are built to work the way you work. They give you the best combination of safety, ease-of-use and fast answers available anywhere. easy-to-use buttons, bright backlights, and clear audible and physical indicators...

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